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Bottles and refills

The easy-to-use safeHands® foamer bottle is available in three sizes, and our hand sanitizer refill jug is a convenient, cost-saving solution. Our bottles are perfect for offices, schools, retail and hospitality.

Your safety is our priority

We invite you to browse the health and safety details of safeHands alcohol-free hand sanitizer in our official safety data sheet (SDS).

safeHands dispenser in two options

We offer safeHands wall dispensers in two convenient options, including a hands-free hand sanitizer dispenser, as well as refill cartridges that fit both models. Ideal for grocery stores, hospitals, gyms and governmental facilities.

safeHands wipes to the rescue

For the ultimate in on-the-go hand sanitizing, our wipes provide effective protection against 99.9% of common germs* and won’t dry out your skin. Perfect for office desks, cars, backpacks and purses.