About Us

Our story

safeHands® was long-researched and developed by a doctor who used his medical and scientific experience to formulate a safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers. He created a foam-based hand sanitizer that not only killed over 99.9% of common germs*, but also helped soothe and nourish the skin.

These tests showed that the safeHands prototype could be used frequently throughout the day and still leave the hands feeling soft and hydrated. Users would be more likely to use the product frequently, which could improve wellness, enhance infection prevention and reduce absenteeism at work and schools, leading to a healthier, more productive society.

After more than 60 formulations were developed and tested, safeHands was perfected and passed extensive clinical testing on human hands. In collaboration with leading scientists, we’ve developed a complete line of safe and effective hand hygiene products, now sold internationally.

As the safeHands brand became a reality, our mission to introduce people to the benefits of an alcohol-free hand sanitizer has spread, one pair of hands at a time.

The rich, exclusive formula in every bottle of next-generation safeHands hand sanitizer will soothe and protect your hands, even for those with the most sensitive skin. safeHands is for everyone.

*safeHands killed 99.9% of germs in laboratory bench testing