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Common questions and answers about safeHands®, including how to use our products

Are hand sanitizers safe?

Hand sanitizers can vary on safety and effectiveness due to their ingredients. safeHands® alcohol-free hand sanitizer is a safe, gentle hand cleaning solution that is effective at killing 99.9% of common germs*. Its active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, has been rigorously tested in scientific studies and has been used for over 60 years in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare settings.

What is safeHands?

safeHands was originally formulated for the hands of healthcare providers whose hands became dry and cracked after sanitizing more than 100 times a day with alcohol at his medical practice.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that the best way to prevent the spread of germs is through hand washing and hand sanitizing. safeHands kills 99.9% of common germs*, helping to prevent the spread of disease. safeHands is used in a variety of settings including offices, homes, hotels, hospitals and medical clinics, airlines and retail settings.

Unlike alcohol-based products, which may contain as much as 70% alcohol, safeHands is non-flammable and softens skin like a lotion. safeHands is an alcohol-free hand sanitizer that doesn’t stink or leave the skin with a sticky residue.  

safeHands’ gentle formulation ensures that its repeated use will leave your skin noticeably softer at the end of the day. It is gentle enough for daily use, even on the sensitive skin of children.

safeHands is also economical, providing more than twice the number of applications of comparable alcohol gel sanitizers.

What are the advantages of an alcohol-free sanitizer?

safeHands is an effective hand sanitizer free of alcohol that doesn’t burn the skin, is nonflammable and won’t dry out your hands, even with repeated applications. It goes further with moisturizing properties that soothe and condition the skin.

What is the germ-killing ingredient in safeHands?

safeHands contains the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride. This antiseptic has been used for over 60 years in hospitals and doctors’ offices, and is approved for safety and effectiveness in antiseptic applications ranging from skin treatments for minor irritations (such as in Bactine®) to surface sanitizers (like in Lysol®). It has also been used as a germ-killing ingredient in mouthwashes.

Can safeHands be used in school?

You can find safeHands in classrooms across the country. School districts, daycares and teachers everywhere use it as a gentle hand cleaning solution that is safe for children and their sensitive skin, promoting good classroom hand hygiene.

When and where should I use safeHands?

Use safeHands whenever you need to clean your hands, such as before eating, after sneezing or coughing, or after handling money, changing diapers, handling pets or touching objects like doorknobs or handles that are frequently touched by others. Use safeHands whenever soap and water are not available. Our portable products are a convenient, on-the-go sanitizing solution, no sink required.

What are the directions for how to use safeHands?

Apply as directed, and use the same technique to rub in safeHands as you do when thoroughly washing your hands with soap. Be sure to cover and scrub the palms, backs of hands, between fingers, around the fingernails and under the fingertips by rubbing against the palm of the opposite hand.

Does safeHands kill coronavirus?

The FDA has prohibited hand sanitizer manufacturers from making viral reduction claims, as the research into the origins and behavior of the virus is ongoing. Our product contains not only benzalkonium chloride, but also triethylene glycol (TEG). TEG is used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to disinfect aircraft coming from areas of the world with pandemic and endemic diseases. Click here to read our full statement on the coronavirus.

Does safeHands kill norovirus?

Although no hand sanitizer can claim to kill the norovirus, the CDC does recommend thoroughly washing and drying hands as a preventative step. safeHands is a safe and effective alternative to washing with soap and water.  

Does safeHands kill germs?

Yes, safeHands and its active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, are proven to kill 99.9% of common germs* while remaining safe and gentle to users. safeHands goes a step further and moisturizes the skin as well.

Where can I find safeHands’ MSDS?

You can read the full material safety data sheet (MSDS or SDS) for safeHands by clicking here.

Where can I buy safeHands?

safeHands is available at many retailers, including Office Depot, OfficeMax, Big Y, Staples, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Amazon. You can also purchase from our online shop.