Allergic To Hand Sanitizer?

Some people are sensitive to regular and common hand sanitzers.  These people experience symptoms which can include dry skin, red blotches, or an extreme cooling or burning sensation when applied to the skin. Not everyone… but some people have very sensitive skin. 

If your precious hands are unable to tolerate alcohol, then you should give us a try. We are an alternative. 

safeHands® Sanitizers are for people with sensitive skin that cannot tolerate alcohol.

Our safeHands® brands do not contain alcohol.  If you are allergic to your current hand sanitizer there is no need to worry anymore.

Non-Toxic, non-flammable, non-stinging and it also leaves your skin soft.

It all starts with SafeHands!!

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Show Us Your SafeHands!!

Have you used our product?  Do you have pictures of you or your little ones with alcohol free safeHands® sanitizer?

We want to know.

Contact us and send us some pictures. We will post them on our blog or our Facebook page.





Can You Say Benzalkonium Chloride?

We know it’s a tough word to pronounce.  It’s the active ingredient in safeHands® products. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t burn and it’s not flammable. If you want to hear how it is pronounced check it out here. 

We think that schools across the country should join our Alcohol-Free Mission sign up now to join.

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Where To Buy Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

We have made some huge changes to our online store.  We are now offering Free shipping on all orders over $50 and improved ssl encryption technology so that our ordering process is even more secure.  We now have the perfect place for you to buy our line of safeHands® products!  If you didn’t know already, our hand sanitizers are Alcohol Free, smell great and leave even the most precious hands smooth and soft.


So if you want to buy our products and dispensers for your household, as a gift, for school or work….


Unscented Hand Sanitizers – They Don’t Even Smell Like Alcohol.

Not only are some people sensitive to foreign alcohol-based hand sanitizers but some people have issues with overbearing smells.  safeHands® keeps your hands soft and germ free with our unscented hand sanitizer.

Don’t get us wrong…. We do have sanitizers that are scented, but not overbearing.

-It all starts with safeHands®!





Non Flammable Hand Sanitizer For Schools

With all the news happening about fires in schools fueled by alcohol based hand sanitizers, it’s time that we keep our kids safe.

Our line of safeHands® products is non flammable and it contains no alcohol or ethanol.  Most foreign alcohol based sanitizer brands are 62% alcohol or more. (Please note this post is SPI Ohio CV 2012053107 compliant as we do not mention any brand names.)

If your school district or maintenance and custodial crews are interested in our line of sanitizing products and dispensers, then contact us today.


No Animal Testing – Cruelty Free Sanitizer

We took the pledge to be cruelty fee.

We have been since day one.

We won’t test on animals  and our products do not contain any animal products or by-products.

Great Reviews From safeHands Fans

We gave away thousands of samples of our safeHands® products to those who wanted to join our Alcohol Free Revolution.  Some of these people were bloggers who posted reviews on their websites.

Big thank you to those who reviewed.


My son was sick over the weekend and because the kids used this product no one else got sick. I will be putting that in my review too. I think it really helped keeping the sickness away because usually everyone else gets sick once one of the kids are. We used it all day for 2 days around the clock and no sickness!! – Tricia’s Treasure (
Here are links to a few more reviews about our alcohol free line of products.

You don’t have to take our word for it. There are many people out there who love our products and have joined the alcohol free revolution.


Updated – 10-3-2013

More reviews, blogs and contests from our fans.

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Hand Sanitizer Allergy: Try Us

If you are allergic or cannot tolerate standard alcohol based hand sanitizers, give safeHands® a try.

safeHands® is alcohol free.

safeHands® is  non-flammable.

safeHands® will not dry your skin.

If you ever had an allergic reaction to the norm… give us a try.


Dr Jay CEO on SafeHands – Alcohol Free Formulation

Just so you know, the safeHands® alcohol-free formulation was born out of a personal need. Eleven years ago I had a large and thriving dental practice and as an employer of both dentists and hygienists, I was very much aware of the potential danger of germ spread to patients in our office.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that the frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers forced me as well as many others on my staff to choose between our own personal comfort and the safety of our patients. As my hands became unbearably painful, from the drying and cracking caused by alcohol-based hand sanitizers, I decided to sell my practice and begin a quest to develop a hand soothing germ killing hand sanitizer that actually makes your hands feel better the more you use it.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Dr Jay

CEO of SafeHands