Dr Jay CEO on SafeHands – Alcohol Free Formulation

Just so you know, the safeHands® alcohol-free formulation was born out of a personal need. Eleven years ago I had a large and thriving dental practice and as an employer of both dentists and hygienists, I was very much aware of the potential danger of germ spread to patients in our office.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that the frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers forced me as well as many others on my staff to choose between our own personal comfort and the safety of our patients. As my hands became unbearably painful, from the drying and cracking caused by alcohol-based hand sanitizers, I decided to sell my practice and begin a quest to develop a hand soothing germ killing hand sanitizer that actually makes your hands feel better the more you use it.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Dr Jay

CEO of SafeHands

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